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Mobiclean integrated treatment system

Oasis process experts have developed an advanced high rate completely integrated; “plug & play” packaged system branded as “Mobiclean Series”. Packaged solutions developed under process Mobiclean offers complete wastewater treatment plant which includes grit removal and biological process employing high rate MBBR custom process based biological reactors, a tertiary media treatment followed by disinfection. Mobiclean high rate treatmet systems are self operated fully automated and compact systems.

A single train can treat a flow upto 500 KLD, and to treat larger volumes, multiple trains 500 KLD each can be installed. Say to treat 1500 KLD wastewater daily, 3 x 500 KLD trains in a single module may be installed and such more module can be added in future if need be. Additionally; our design of biological process allows that a 25% hydraulic and/or organic expansion of system within the same train; without any additional equipment.

Mobiclean Integrated System is fully automated and is programmable logic controlled.


  • Includes all stages of treatment i.e. screening, biological process, tertiary treatment and disinfection in a single module.
  • Expandable and user friendly for load fluctuations.
  • Fully automated.
  • Easily movable; Plug & Play type
  • Minimal construction works required
  • Can be designed for industrial effluent treatment based on the characteristics of the effluent

ORAWT offers most advanced designed and engineered MBBR process based biological reactors. Oasis custom designed MBBR process offers high degree of biological organic removal from raw wastewater within 1/3rd foot print as compared to conventional processes. Millions of PU based or HDPE based biocarriers operating in the mixed motion. These carriers provides high protected surface area so as to grow higher heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria within its cells.

Aeration design is done by oasis expert team of process engineers in such a way that keeps the biocarriers in mixed motion. Collectively process design of this reactors is done in such a way that system will operate at lower f/m ratio within less aeration volume and can handle higher organic load.

Process Benefits

  • Aeration volume required almost 1/3 then convention reactors reducing capital cost by 1/3 times
  • Oasis MBBR reactors are available in containerised plug and play type and can be employed to modify existing ETP/STPs for efficiency improvements
  • Oasis MBBR reactors can be designed for treating wastewaters at source that will reduce the cost of pipeline networks
  • Oasis MBBR reactors can take 25% additional biological and organic load in the same reactor allows system expansion by 25%
  • Efficient solution for BOD removal, Nitrification and total nitrogen removal


  • To augment the capacity of the existing plant
  • To replace a sick unit within existing plant
  • In retrofitting an existing plant

Our sludge handling units are compact, mobile and designed keeping the operator’s hygiene care in mind. The sludge units are designed to receive the sludge by gravity directly into sludge bags thereby reducing the manual contact operators to the sludge. The sludge bags used are specially manufactured to drain out all the excess moisture thereby leaving a compacted sludge within the bag. These bags can then be clamped and removed mechanically by loading on a trolley so as to further avoid any manual contact of the operator. These bags are re-usable.


  • Minimum Operator-Sludge contact thereby making it hygiene friendly operation
  • Sludge generated is compact and dehydrated there by occupying less space
  • Reusable bags reduces the recurring expenses

These are automatic screens provided to screen out most of medium & small floating matters such as hair, debris, weeds, paper, rags, etc which could hinder further biological treatment.

  • The screens are mechanical type fine screen with mesh size of 2-5 mm depending on application.
  • It has four main components: Screw conveyor, Tank, geared motor & Casing Pipe.
  • These types of screens require pumped flow to operate efficiently.
  • The screens are inclined to an angle of 35 to 75 degree based on application.
  • The Material of Construction of Filtering Screw screen is Stainless Steel AISI 304.
  • The clear water gets out of the screen perforations whereas screening material remains in the pipe which is then conveyed through screw & collected in the disposal bin.
  • These are lifting screens provided to screen out most of the medium & small floating matters such as hair, debris, weeds, paper, rags, etc which could hinder further biological treatment.
  • The screens are mechanical type fine screen with mesh size of 6-10 mm depending on application.
  • It has three main components-Gear box with Stand, Lifting & guiding mechanism & screen.
  • These types of screens accept even gravity flow of sewer and can work in deep installations.
  • The Material of Construction of screen is Stainless Steel AISI 304.
  • The screened matter gets lifted at regular intervals for periodic cleaning.