Oasis Renewables and Water Treatment

Incorporated in 2014, Oasis Renewables and Water Treatment Ltd (ORAWT) is one of the most admired wastewater treatment companies in India. We design, manufacture and provide the most advanced, compact, automated and mobile sewage treatment plants, which are the need of this hour. Our plants treat and help recycle more than 95% of sewage water; thereby reducing the requirement of rapidly exhausting ground water/ fresh water.

Our Products

Our Values



Strong commitment and respect towards natural resources; transparent and respectful conduct towards our customers and all the other stake holders.



To leverage our collective experience & indulge in a continuous improvement to provide technologically advanced solutionsto help address complex water treatment issues faced by the industry.



Delivering value through services and performance through out and after the completion of the project. Endeavour to exceed customer expectations.



Providing best in class services and tailor made techno-commercial solutions for managing our customer’s waste water problems.